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A Sculpture in an Age of Doubt (For Thomas McEvilley)

A Sculpture in an Age of Doubt (For Thomas McEvilley)

I did not weep when my father died. I am unsure why. I wept when Tom Green, the DC painter passed. Likewise, I wept at the death of Thomas McEvilley today. Two strangers who affected my life in different ways.

Thomas McEvilley articulated a great many things I was trying to say. He also lead me to different ways of seeing that I had not conceived of; he imparted a foundational thinking. When I speak I endeavor to emulate him. When I write, I make an attempt at building arguments as well as he.

I’ve no idea how to deal with death but I would assume that an object could be a valid and empathic method. To that end I made this thing today. Neither just a painting, nor merely a sculpture, but rather, an object in between. A fulcrum or infinite pivot intended to be mirthful, a point of cognition, and a eulogy from a stranger. It is as full of doubt as I am able.

This is a sincere farewell.