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Click Beep

Isn’t it odd that the analog world is so pervasive in our digital world? Our computer’s buttons do not go, “Beep, beep,” but rather, “click, click.”

Isn’t that uncanny?

Why is that? Maybe because a purely digital world of Star Trek “wooshes,” and “bleeps,” would not be convincing that we are where we think we are? Perhaps without those tiny bursts of pressure creating pops and clicks we would feel out of our bodies, out of control, bereft of empathy? Sterile and really quite transhuman?

The Touring Test is about playing tricks on ourselves. Convincing participants that the conversant comes from a world of clicks rather than beeps. The prize goes to the illusionist. Make me think you click, rather than beep, and we get closer to Artificial Intelligence and thereby closer to god, closer to knowing ourselves perhaps better than we ever have. Finally leaving the cave and it’s myriad shadows perhaps.

Just a thought born from texting with my iPhone.