Pedagogy as Practice

I am interested in “pedagogy as practice.” I am trying to find my way through this approach. The following is touching on some major issues I want to incorporate.

“When describing their pedagogic practice, these artists tended to define themselves in opposition to teachers. Although respecting the teaching profession, they resisted describing their practice as ‘teaching’, associating it exclusively with transmissive pedagogy. Instead, artists sought to engage participants primarily through discussion and exchanging ideas and experiences. There is evidence of ‘co-constructive’ learning taking place, whereby shared knowledge is generated between all participants including the teacher. These artists’ tended to identify themselves as co-learners, who question and re-organise their knowledge, rather than as infallible experts…”

The concept of co-learner appeals to me. It sounds like an ethical approach to teaching wherein both the artist and the student co-habitate the learning experience. The idea is that both parties are active. The idea is that both parties take agency over the situation of learning. Rather than being taught at, the student learns with the teacher.


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