Painting Residency

I am beginning a residency at VisArts in Rockville as the new Bresler Resident. I’ll have a studio till December, then sometime thereafter, I will have a three person show with the two previous Bresler Residents, Mei Mei Chang and Amy Hughes Braden.

Bresler Residency Studio.jpg

Bresler Resident Studio

I’ll be engaged in several activities including painting, writing, blogging, and office-ing. I’ll be digging into several topics with painting. I’ll continue my stretch/re-stretch method of painting, a collaborative painting project, and I’ll be exploring some design concepts in an attempt to dig new trenches. A frustrating concept I have encountered is the seeming self-organizing systems of design. An organized design scheme seems to want to order itself, to make itself. During this residency I want to try to break up that system and explore iterations of a design.

For several years I have been thinking about how Hamlett Dobbins organizes his painted spaces. He has a wealth of unity and variety and I want to give a nod to this kind of inquiry.

I’ll also use the studio as an office for writing articles for and working on things for my classes at Northern Virginia Community College wherein I teach Drawing 1 and Fundamentals of Design 1.

2016-08-31 19.39.27.jpg

Wet Paintings

I’ve begun working on several new paintings.

Day one begins.






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