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Painting in Progress

I’m working on a 72×156″ painting. It is a bit like going back in time because I am using a painting made in 2011 as the source material. The painting in question, Who Needs Love When You Have a Paintbrush, is a good painting but it has issues. Back then I was really making kitchen sink paintings. The kitchen sink painting is when I add everything and the kitchen sink. So I try every little method I have to make the painting.

Who Needs Love When You Have a Paintbrushacrylic on canvas90x712013

Who Needs Love When You Have a Paintbrush, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 90×71″

From a design perspective, the painting is busy. There is unity and variety, but perhaps it leans too far into variety. There aren’t too many spaces to relax because the entire composition is frenetic. The issue is similar to Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. The “earthly delights,” are many many verbs occurring in the painting. The action, the movement all adds up to a busy painting. It works for what Hieronymus Bosch wanted in the painting: stuff to the Nth degree.


Later paintings, like Grid 46, calmed down a bit. I gave the viewer some space to rest.

Grid 46acrylic and conte on canvas60 x 422012

Grid 46, 2012, acrylic and conte on canvas, 60″ x 42″

This current 72×156″ painting is resurrecting many of these previous issues. Each section could itself be a painting.


painting detail




And where the painting is currently: