A Sculpture in an Age of Doubt (For Thomas McEvilley)

A Sculpture in an Age of Doubt (For Thomas McEvilley)

I did not weep when my father died. I am unsure why. I wept when Tom Green, the DC painter passed. Likewise, I wept at the death of Thomas McEvilley today. Two strangers who affected my life in different ways.

Thomas McEvilley articulated a great many things I was trying to say. He also lead me to different ways of seeing that I had not conceived of; he imparted a foundational thinking. When I speak I endeavor to emulate him. When I write, I make an attempt at building arguments as well as he.

I’ve no idea how to deal with death but I would assume that an object could be a valid and empathic method. To that end I made this thing today. Neither just a painting, nor merely a sculpture, but rather, an object in between. A fulcrum or infinite pivot intended to be mirthful, a point of cognition, and a eulogy from a stranger. It is as full of doubt as I am able.

This is a sincere farewell.


Negation Test

This might be a future system.

Removal of the painting altogether might produce circumspection.

Maybe this removes the ego? The mark is only present by accident. Of course the painting that made the image is present in some form. That physical embodied thing is still there.


First Post

I thought I should start blogging because Facebook seems to be useful for certain kinds of things.

Here on this blog, I think I will blather about visual objects and ideas. I think I will also post process work here as well.